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Electronic Music

45 minutes is usually a lesson. On average, a person reads as long a day, in newspapers, books and ... Internet reviews.

That is precisely the length recently, the album HYDROLUX by the musician Ava Felsenstein appears. It focuses on a concept album - as it already describes the title - with the theme of Water & Light.

The album

This album contains unmistakable peculiarity which flares up every second homage to the great artist Jean Michel Jarre, who not only served as inspiration for the resulting sound associations, but in the overall concept still in the works itself into nature and richness of color, as well as in find the more abstract level of emotional compassion and desire to travel more spiritual than formative instance leaves. It refers in particular to his previous works, which still got along without sampling and influential were the Electronic Music of the 70s (and in my view, 80) years, for example made by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Another special feature of the work is the resolution limits of any track, the album is literally made of one piece and can be up to individual motives segment, which is an atmospheric noise and again little arpeggios and characteristic sounds, such as a howling - Caution! - Synth stay connected. How to pay off winning such a philosophy may know already Jarre, but here suggest several positive effects on beech, of which the notice referred to amalgam, especially the familiarization effect. Moreover, does the feeling of being thrown out of the sound that really only with the fading of the last notes on what a homogeneous composition series such as this can be credited not high enough.

You can listen to a CD in many ways, incidentally, concentrated, whole or querbeet. Since the last road remains closed as far as possible, and also proves to be not very useful, is only the concentrated or more casual listening - at a time. If you switch on the player for the first time, you will discover as Jarre expert immediately with any sound, the amazing parallels to the old masters and is perhaps even because of its surprise, the first hearing in length. Ava explains this with his almost life-long connection to Jarre, this sound could be absorbed into the blood, and in no way be construed as competing with the legend Jarre. And the name is as common as Jarre in the review mentioned, so inseparable and yet innocent, the musical connection to the universe of sound that account prepared. It's about the music, and who would have any doubt, if he then heard the album?

There a lot of heart and soul into this production, which is based on eight different themes that remain in the course of the album depend strongly on several occasions in the ear and sometimes even cause a violent bye joy.

The motifs (Part I-Part VIII)

Found in the first motif because of the while epic, but still blurry outline more of a hint to the objectives of the trip, the transition within the motif is the next by the move down in the available rating scale at the end as simple as effective. An appetizer that is well matched to the following stages.

The second motive is here quite clear in its outlines and leads gently but simultaneously with a seriousness that one had to listen to Jarre himself mainly to the rendez-vous. The somewhat brought to a slower waltz rhythm sounding an already first goose bumps, and indulge in a thought experiment, which can be both sad and inspiring.

Swing and powerful, it goes on, with a hymn, so French, so dreamy and happy looks so right! The journey is about to pay off for the first time and really lead to fidgeting feet and waving a no less listening experience. A real hit, the place just in the cosmos of sounds jarresque a very special place!

Almost to a fair one feels in the fourth set motif, reminiscent of when the peak season of French pop songs of the early and mid 80s are packed in a whispering something more modern costume.

Also in a sentimental appearance heralded a very sad fact, covered by glacial sound aesthetics of poetry, which occurs so impressive, exhorting the listener. Maybe hiding under the extravagantly beautiful and equally thought-provoking sound waves a deeper secret? Oh, would obstruct the Cousteau still can ..

What follows in sixth place is a remarkably original sounding gem, you will want to accidentally baptized Oxygene, but again it is not? One is dufte sounding synth-pop sound from the most familiar instrumental realm it all.

With an elegiac interlude in the finale stuff atmosphere, variation and storytelling is anticipated. To make without the loudness of the leitmotif. I imagine it before landing on Jupiter's moon Europa, which is equal to the acoustically painted discoveries under a blend of frightened curiosity and almost boundless fascination. An Ambient New Age plant that is prescribed to stressful days as mental balance.

As the bouncer is finally a non-exhaustive, but based on retrospective summary that includes a gentle accents of the thematic hodgepodge of hand the very melancholy touch of a sad movie-melody, but at the same uplifting effect ... so begins one very relaxed and cheerful, the journey from the beginning.

The extra

Although does not the media-based presentation staged in such a violent and pompous like you would expect from the great idol, almost like little treat for the eyes are not inevitable: there are currently available for the first and last subject very interesting 3D animated films, with the music together a cabinet of the senses .. for inclined viewers.


The conclusion of this review is not necessarily supposed to Hydrolux so much lie in the answer to the question whether the same now, just as, or different sounds as Jarre. This is certainly a pseudo-scientific ground and much less significant than the fact that this is an inspired and inspiring book is that in its entirety only begins to shine and at the time of LED-playing and pretty French cars set back. At the same time but also at any time into space, into the jungle or the dream world itself catapulted, if you allow it. It is hoped that every listener, and not just fans who can take the time to record the music and relaxed in their full length. Not once, twice, at least you should admit that even then, and the splendor of the sounds is that is almost sure to find their fans, who find themselves more and more enthusiastic in music, and maybe even lose.

Frank Klayderman


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